Behavior Change at Point of Sale: How Retailers and Brands can close the intention-action gap

From the early days of retail, where shoppers knew their butchers, tailors, and shopkeepers by name, to today’s landscape of mega markets, online shopping, and boxes of goodies being left on our doorstep, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in how people connect with brands and retailers. Brands and retailers have an incredible opportunity to combine forces and step in as leaders through inspiration and education.

Join us to hear from consumer goods and retail experts about how to promote behavior change at point of sale in retail, and learn key principles to advance your own activations to drive demand for and adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

Featured Speakers
Co-founder & CSO
Grounded World
Grounded World
Brand Manager - Sustainability
Nestlé USA
Nestlé USA
Wednesday 19th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM