Animal Protein: The Food Industry’s Greatest Opportunity on Climate

The climate crisis has reached an inflection point where countries and companies have moved beyond declaring greenhouse gas emission goals to taking direct action. The Inflation Reduction Act, the single largest climate action taken by the U.S. government, provides a blueprint for reducing U.S. emissions by nearly 40% by 2030. What if companies could take action now to begin reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% and report progress to their supply chain? What if agriculture was an aggressive part of the climate solution?

Join Elanco Animal Health as they convene a panel of farm to table experts for a lively lunch discussion that will unpack how livestock agriculture is implementing sustainability solutions that can help the full supply chain rapidly reduce emissions and be part of the solution.

Session Sponsor
Wednesday 19th October
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
Coastal Events Center - Poinsettia 2