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When change comes from within, purpose and progress prospers.

Good governance has a cascading effect on organizations. SB’23 San Diego un-silos strategies for leadership to implement scalable, purpose-driven cultural change. Drive internal change by cultivating motivated, resilient people who are aligned with your most noble corporate values. Equip your employee base to weather our volatile world and create a shared vision on building a more sustainable future. Learn from leaders ahead of the curve who will highlight how providing the right opportunities for all stakeholders to thrive, drives growth today, tomorrow and beyond.

Featured Speakers


Debbie Ball

Vice President, Employment Services
Easterseals Southern Cailfornia

John Izzo

President | Purposeful Leader | Purpose in Business Consultant | Executive Coach
Izzo Associates

Khalilah Olokunola

Founder & Impact Architect

ReEngineering HR

Elizabeth Doty

Director, Corporate Political Responsibility Taskforce, The Erb Institute
University of Michigan

Marketing & Communications

CSR & Sustainability

Growth & Innovation (via Product & Service Design)

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