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Purpose-driven awareness is the new frontier

SB’23 San Diego revolves around a nurturing community that equips you with strategies, inspiration, and active involvement to confront the demands, risks and accelerated growth opportunities of purpose-driven marketing. Collaboration and authenticity are pivotal in integrating social and environmental responsibility into the core tenets of your brand. Our program is designed to cut through the clutter and connect you with the creative insights and groundbreaking ideas of your peers, ensuring you’re well-prepared to generate lasting value in your  journey ahead.

Featured Speakers


Anna Robertson

Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer
The Cool Down

Lola Bakare

CMO Advisor & Inclusive Marketing Strategist

be/co; Author, “Responsible Marketing”

Justin Coates

Consumer Insights & Marketing Leader

Thomas Kolster

Founder and Creative Director

Goodvertising Agency

What’s in it for your colleagues?

CSR & Sustainability

Growth & Innovation (via Product & Service Design)

People & Leadership

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