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Lisa Kenney: Navigating the New World of Gender to Help Your Company Thrive

Watch the recording to see Lisa in action, and hear her speak with fellow keynote speakers Chris Brandt of Chipotle, Bruce Reynolds of the Change Associates, and Joe Hobbs of Climate Cardinals in person at SB’21 San Diego at Thursday morning’s Plenary Program.

A global reimagining of gender is underway. The majority of millennials and GenZ see gender as a spectrum, rather than a binary. These changing understandings are not only here to stay, they continue to expand rapidly. Expectations for gender-inclusive practices across the organization are increasingly being voiced by employees, customers and other critical stakeholders. While this can feel uncomfortable or confusing, the good news is these changes are also empowering and liberating – not just for some, but for everyone. The challenges we face today require new ideas and approaches, and that’s only possible when each of us brings our unique perspective, creativity and experience to the table, free from gender-based constraints.



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