Zeynep Arhon

Zeynep Arhon

Project Management and Marketing Communications
Biomimicry 3.8

Zeynep is a Biomimicry Professional with a business background. In conjunction with her project management and marketing communications role at Biomimicry 3.8, she teaches biomimicry and business courses in the Master of Science in biomimicry program at Arizona State University. Zeynep’s passion is to use nature’s strategies to transform the conventional ways of conducting business, more specifically to redesign business strategies, processes, and models. She holds a Master of Science degree in biomimicry, an MBA, and a BA in Political Science & International Relations.

Her corporate background includes strategic leadership and brand management positions at leading multinationals such as The Coca-Cola Company and Georgia Pacific. As an entrepreneur and consultant, Zeynep introduced cutting-edge marketing and innovation tools (e.g., experiential marketing and future trends) in Turkey, her home country. What led her to biomimicry was a strong desire to align her work with her love of nature. After earning her degree in 2010, she integrated biomimicry into her consulting practice and worked towards spreading sustainability thinking among business leaders in a challenging, developing economy. Her efforts included writing in business publications as a columnist and contributor, creating and hosting the first biomimicry radio show in Turkey, and creating a biomimicry-based online course for young entrepreneurs in Europe.

Since 2012, Zeynep has been living in California (San Francisco, San Mateo), where she continuously connects with and learns from the coastal redwoods.

Track: Regenerative Operations & Supply Chain

Regenerative design principles can be transformative for teams and entire companies, but how do you put them into practice? This panel will share real-world examples of using regenerative frameworks to evolve a... see more

Tuesday 18th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM