Shawn Kreloff

Shawn Kreloff

Founder & CEO
Bioenergy Devco

Mr. Kreloff is the Founder and CEO of Bioenergy Devco, a global pioneer and leader in the engineering and operations of anaerobic digestion facilities. Bioenergy Devco collaborates with businesses, communities, and governments to address the challenge of organic food waste at scale utilizing a natural anaerobic digestion process. This process generates clean, renewable energy and contributes to cleaner air, water, and healthy soils for communities. With the combination of twenty years of anaerobic digestion technology and expertise in financing, engineering, and management, Kreloff has introduced advanced, climate-mitigating anaerobic digestion solutions to North America. With a distinguished track record spanning 30 years, Kreloff has excelled in founding, investing in, and managing successful enterprises. In his free time, Kreloff nurtures a deep-rooted passion for sailing, relishing the opportunity to protect and explore the open seas whenever possible.


Food Waste reduction is now at the top of the list of solutions for combating climate change, and the food industry is looking at new technologies to recycle organics into clean energy.... see more

Wednesday 19th October
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM