Sasha Wallinger

Sasha Wallinger

Head of Web3 and Metaverse Strategy

For over a decade, Sasha has woven the physical, digital, and virtual in luxury, premium, and pop-culture ecosystems. As a marketing and communications leader she has pioneered new ways of connecting brands with consumers in house at H&M, Nike, SOREL, Superplastic, and agency side, at HAVAS. Her proven ability to meld elements of sustainability and gamification with fashion and retail, while balancing data and creative storytelling has yielded authentic consumer-focused programs across industries, and resulted in her being awarded the Chief Marketing Officer of the year award by The CMO Club. Currently, Sasha translates Web3 opportunities, with a focus on connecting heritage, fashion, and luxury brands with their audiences while building community with clients and partners.


Companies getting into the gold rush of the metaverse can, like many before them in burgeoning industries, put profit first with little thought to the implications on society. Rarely have we been... see more

Monday 17th October
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM