Samuel Monnie

Samuel Monnie

Co-Host of the Across the Pond Marketing Transformed podcast; SVP Revenue,
Sustainable Brands

I am a ‘Reformed Marketer’ driving good growth (ie Sustainability & ESG) | CMO / CRO reshaping the 5P's of commerce = People | Purpose | Progress | Planet | Prosperity |

That’s why at Sustainable Brands I help brand leaders and commercial teams get their mojo back by defining what they need to do differently, who needs to do it and most importantly crafting the HOW to deliver it. Via new (ways of working, culture, organization design, upskilling, reskilling, capability building, Storytelling). Because now is the time for us to come together, collaborate, and co-create solutions to reshape commerce to a sustainable economy and a flourishing future.

My B2B and B2C business leadership positions includes Campbell's, Braun, Gillette, Kenmore (Sears), P&G, Grainger, and Safeway. From the UK (of Ghanaian heritage) I’ve lived in Germany, Switzerland and now reside in the USA. I am an avid fan of Manchester United Football Club, connoisseur of Indian food, and always ensure music is within earshot. Little known fact: I speak German, French and Ga (Ghana).


As more and more industries brace for the future, integrated sustainability has become a proven metric for organizations poised for the critical needs of their consumers and communities. However, the path toward... see more

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