Roric Paulman

Roric Paulman

Paulman Farms

Roric Paulman is a 3rd generation Nebraska farmer, operating Paulman Farms as a joint venture with his wife, Deb. The farm was established in 1985 and currently sits at 6,500 acres of irrigated and rain-fed conventional corn and soybeans in addition to non-GMO popcorn, pulses and a variety of other crops. With an intimate knowledge of USDA programs and a history of on-farm innovation, Paulman’s commitment to sustainability is evident in everything he does.

Paulman designed his business to meet the needs of the environment and the community in which he farms. Operating in three groundwater Natural Resource Districts – Twin Platte, Upper & Middle Republican – and in two major river basins; Platte and Republican, water stewardship is a top priority. Paulman says that with the help of their partners across the supply chain and an approach guided by scientific fact, logic, and reason, Paulman Farms will continue to innovate to meet the goal of climate resiliency and full-system sustainability.

Track: Regenerative Operations & Supply Chain

Regenerative design requires centering systems and communities. This panel will address the topic of designing products and supply chains to meet community needs, rather than engaging with communities as an afterthought. Topics... see more

Wednesday 19th October
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM