Paloma Lopez

Paloma Lopez

Co-Founder & CEO
Future Fit Foods

Paloma Lopez is a Food Entrepreneur, Sustainability Consultant, and a former Global Director of Sustainability and Brand Strategy for the Kellogg Company, with eighteen years of global experience creating vision for healthy and sustainable food systems and driving business transformation to grow purpose-led brands and global sustainable agriculture programs.

Paloma is the CEO and Co-Founder at Future Fit Foods (FFF), a food startup based in Boulder, Colorado, integrating regenerative and circularity principles into a business that offers convenient, nutrient-packed, plant-based soups in pouches made with bio-based films and delivered in Repack reusable and returnable bags. Paloma is also a Vice President at At Stake Advisors, a Circularity and Sustainability consultancy covering projects from Responsible Sourcing to Behavioral Change.

In her former Global Director roles with Kellogg, Paloma spearheaded the launch of the first European Sustainable Agriculture program for the Kellogg Company, Kellogg’s Origins™, designing a program that supported farmers to successfully implement sustainable agricultural practices and championing the program’s expansion to benefit over 400.000 farmers worldwide. Paloma also played a key role positioning the MorningStar Farms and Kashi brands in North America as plant-based leaders through foundational lifecycle assessment (LCA) work, packaging initiatives and other projects and certifications aimed to scale up climate adaptation.

Recognized as a Global Sustainability Women Leader in Forbes, she is also a First Movers ‘Social Intrapreneur’ Fellow at the Aspen’s Institute Business and Society Program where she is now on the External Advisory Board.  Paloma is also a Mentor at the Unreasonable Group for impact entrepreneurs and a Board member of the Guild of Future Architects (GoFA). Paloma holds an M.S. in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge and an M.S. in Business Administration.

Track: Regenerative Operations & Supply Chain

Regenerative design principles can be transformative for teams and entire companies, but how do you put them into practice? This panel will share real-world examples of using regenerative frameworks to evolve a... see more

Tuesday 18th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM