Garrett Benisch

Garrett Benisch


Garrett is a co-founder of the OurCarbon brand and works as the Director of Design Development for Bioforcetech, the carbon drawdown technology which produces this new material. With a multidisciplinary design background focusing on material experimentation and sustainability, he is working to develop markets for fixed carbon materials in industry.

Garrett also co-teaches Sustainable Theory and Practice and Biodesign at Pratt Institute, where he received his Masters in Industrial Design in 2019. Garrett feels that progress in sustainable material practices can only be made through transparent collaboration across sectors so that new connections can form and old habits can be put to rest.

OurCarbon is a carbon negative material made from organic waste that is transformed and put to beneficial use. This new material is currently used to achieve carbon negative structural concrete, to benefit soil health, and to replace petrol based black pigments in screen printing, polymers, paints, fabric dyes, and more.

Track: Next-Generation Design & Business Model Innovation

Material innovation is critical to the planet’s long-term sustainability. We see next-gen materials evolving across industries, including fashion, food, automotive, and home goods. These materials are both high performance and low environmental... see more

Tuesday 18th October
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Tuesday 18th October
12:45 PM - 2:00 PM