Emily McDonald

Emily McDonald

Director of Marketing, CRM & Loyalty
British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Emily McDonald is the Director of Marketing, CRM & Loyalty for BCLC, a social purpose entertainment company in British Columbia, Canada responsible for lottery, casino and online gambling. Annually, BCLC delivers $1.3 billion in revenue to the province which supports important programs such as healthcare and education.

Emily has over 20 years of experience in the consumer marketing space, in retail, consumer packaged goods and entertainment. Over the course of her career she has launched a number of successful brands in both Canada and the UK. As a results-driven marketer, she is heavily focused on leveraging research and insights to launch and build brands and to sustain marketing performance over the long term. As a marketer in a company that is on a social purpose journey, Emily is supporting a team of 65 marketers to discover and apply a social purpose lens to the work that they do. She sees research and insights as playing a key role in understanding how to connect with customers beyond the transaction, by appealing to their values and their alignment with BCLC’s purpose.


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Monday 17th October
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