Carol Cone

Carol Cone


Carol is internationally recognized for her work in purpose, corporate citizenship and CSR. Carol Cone ON PURPOSE is her third enterprise activating her purpose: to educate, inspire and accelerate purpose strategy, programs and impacts for corporations, brands, nonprofits and current and emerging professionals around the globe.  For more than 35 years, Cone has embraced a steadfast commitment to leading the purpose movement. Cone has executed over 250 purpose programs—from overall enterprise purpose to social purpose, ESG strategies and communications, to cause branding and nonprofit positioning, fundraising and stakeholder engagement. To amplify the value of purpose, over her career she has conducted more than 30 research studies to educate and inspire professionals to embrace this critical strategy. She also hosts the podcast Purpose 360, which has more than 110 episodes to date. And to support more powerful business and nonprofit partnerships, she authored Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding. This extensive body of work has gained her fascinating descriptions: Purpose Queen (from the BBC), one of the world’s 7 Sustainability Pioneers (Sustainable Brands) to “arguably the most powerful and visible figure in the world of ‘Cause Branding’ (PRWeek Power List). Her most special personal moment: meeting the Dalai Lama, prior to her speech in Calgary, titled “The Power of Business for Good.” When she met him, he held her hand for 5 minutes. It was about a week before she got the nerve to wash that hand.

Track: Activating Brand Purpose

In the era of "Great Contemplation" and quiet quitting, employees are seeking opportunities to apply their personal purpose at work. Experts in organizational purpose, employee engagement, workforce development, and ESG will share... see more

Wednesday 19th October
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM