Aidaly Sosa

Aidaly Sosa

Head of Marketing USA
Tony's Chocolonely

Aidaly Sosa, Head of Marketing at Tony’s Chocolonely US was born and raised in Curaçao with an innate curiosity and love for travel. Her adventurous spirit brought her to Amsterdam where she studied and graduated with a degree in International Business. Following her studies, she began a 10-year career in the fashion industry honing her skills in product messaging and brand communication. During that time, she discovered her passion for sustainability and social impact and decided to dedicate her talents to mission-driven projects and initiatives. When she found Tony's, it was as if the fit was tailor-made! In her role, Aidaly combines her expertise in brand communication and product messaging with her passion for impact to tell a brand story that audiences resonate with. Throughout her three years with the brand, Aidaly has played a crucial role in launching Tony’s in big box retailers like Target, created successful partnerships with beloved brands like Ben & Jerry’s, and championed Tony’s civic engagement campaign ‘Make Your Voice Heard’.

Track: Activating Brand Purpose

Join this session to explore the importance of intentional brand positioning in order to create a strong purpose statement. Panelists will also jump into what true purpose activation looks like (hint: it's... see more

Tuesday 18th October
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM