The Hot Seat, Day 3

Speaker Interview

Larry Robertson
Founder & President
Understanding the Environmental and Social Impacts of Professional Sports

This session will present key findings from the 2021 Sustainable Sport Index, a first of its kind effort to understand the collective environmental and social impacts of the sports industry. This benchmarking project collected the performance of sport teams and venues in key areas including energy and water management, waste management and diversion, carbon management, cleaning and janitorial, food and beverage, procurement and retail operations, transportation, communication and engagement, sustainability certifications, sponsorship, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This session will explore the findings of the report and discuss the movement in professional sports to lead in the area of sustainability for their communities and fans.

Lindsay Arell
Director of Sustainability
Nelson Ventress
Sustainability Specialist
Wednesday 20th October
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Sunset Ballroom - Terrace

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