Sustainability Myths, Lies, and Blindness: A Conversation about the Visible and the Invisible

We live in a world of tumultuous change and profound uncertainty—change on a scale we have not seen in the last 100 years—from the impending and rapid upending of the transportation and agriculture sectors, to the stranding of trillions of dollars in assets in fossil fuel, utility, and other industries, to the unraveling of the post-war global order—and a stable global climate.

New winners appear and old winners become new losers. What has worked well for 70 years may not work. Your habits of mind, the way that you see the world, what you apprehend and what your perceive will betray you. There is ample justification for moods of optimism and fear. And for great ambition and opportunity, rather than despair.

What might be possible? What would need to happen to make that possible? Who would you need to be to help that happen?

In this session, three seasoned navigators—one who's been at the front of the sustainability game as long as anybody, one who has profitably revolutionized practices in more than a dozen industries, and one who, though without eyesight, brings more vision to global trends than most "sighted” people—will offer a radically different way of listening and speaking, to explore this landscape and grapple with these moods.

You'll emerge newly unsettled, eagerly open to new possibilities, wondering what your company—and you—are really here to do, and equipped with new ways of observing and speaking with power.

(Note: This workshop is not for the timid.)

Gil Friend
Gil Friend
Natural Logic
Chauncey Bell
Chauncey Bell
Mobilize Network
Monday 18th October
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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