Regenerative Design Immersive: Experience the Tools of the Trade for Transformational Innovation

Innovation. Sustainability. Regenerative Design. It’s one thing to say they’re instrumental to our future. It’s quite another to put it into practice. But that’s exactly what this workshop will help you do.

Roll up your sleeves and experience the framework and tools you need to put what you learn at Sustainable Brands 2021 into action. In this immersive workshop, we’ll use real-world regenerative design challenges direct from participants and work together to apply the same innovation process used by leading sustainable brands like Microsoft.

By engaging in a real-time discovery process, you’ll begin to see each challenge from a new perspective and define the guiding principles that will carry through the design process. Then, in small groups facilitated by leading biomimetics from B3.8, you’ll use nature as a model to power divergent thinking and identify possible solutions. By using nature as a "best practice" we’ll challenge you to dig deeper and identify potential strategies and the necessary feedback loops to create regenerative impact over time, to all stakeholders.

In the end, you’ll walk away with real-world tools you can put into practice at home to drive transformational innovation for a truly regenerative future.

JoAnn Garbin
JoAnn Garbin
Director of Innovation, CO+I Advanced Development
Teri Sun
Chief Strategy Officer
Seth GaleWyrick
Seth GaleWyrick
Senior Principle Biomimicry & Engineering
Victoria Kindred Keziah
Victoria Kindred Keziah
General Manager of Client Engagement
Monday 18th October
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sunset Ballroom - Room 5

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