Connecting Sustainability and Regeneration Credentials to Sales

To earn CFO or C-Suite approval and support, sustainability champions need to show how their proposed project, initiative, program or strategy will benefit the environment and/or society AS WELL AS the company. They need to engage management with a business case that shows how the proposal in question activates the company’s purpose and quantifies how it will help grow revenue, save on operational and/or human resources expenses, enhance assets’ values, improve market value, and/or mitigate risks. On the heels of the earlier research-centric session on the same topic, this panel will engage senior sustainability executives in their experiences of how this tends to play out in practice, and what lessons they have learned about connecting sustainability and regeneration credentials to sales.

Leslie Hushka
Leslie Hushka
Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility
Bumble Bee Foods
Jason Pelz
Jason Pelz
Vice President of Sustainability, Americas
Tetra Pak
Kellie Ballew
Kellie Ballew
Vice President of Global Sustainability & Innovation
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
David Fiss
David Fiss
Director, Business Development, Partnerships & Event Strategy
Sustainable Brands
Rebekah Moses
Rebekah Moses
Director of Impact Strategy
Impossible Foods Inc
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Tuesday 19th October
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Garden Room - Room

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